Thursday, March 6, 2014

My day

Hello. It feels like I've been writing to ya'll a lot lately. I've finally gotten back on track with school, blogging, editing and reading and all at the same time so I feel really good about myself.  
Heres an update on my life in general (Mostly today)
I'm currently halfway through editing Danger in the Distance.
I not only caught up on my Goodreads challenge today by finishing three books but I got one book ahead.
I read the 'first' in a long line of biography's for my school work. I'm working my way alphabeticly down our hallway. Which if you've been in our hallway you'd know is going to take awhile. 
I have ten blog post secluded out.
I just met our new next door neighbors who are moving in over the weekend.
I'm in the process of re-organizing/de-junking my room.
I took the photos for the cover of my sisters next book today. 

So yea, I feel really good about myself right now. How are ya'll doing? 


  1. Wow! You are getting a lot done! Good for you! =D I'm basically trying to not fail and still get school done...Yeah, that's pretty much my main concern...=P ;)


    1. Thanks. I'm really proud of myself to. :) I know what you mean. Just trying to keep up it hard. :) I'm reading a LOT lately.


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