Monday, March 3, 2014


Hey! How have you been? I've been great as always. :D 
I realized something I really hadn't told most people. I love poetry. I write mostly silly poetry. It really started because my family has an ongoing game of rhyming. Someone acadenaly starts rhyming and it can go one for hours. :D I wrote a lot for my book "Robin Hood" as Allen A'Dales songs. :) I wanted to share one with ya'll so here you go, its for the ending of "Robin Hood". 

For two years we’ve worked day and night
To save our king from a most terrible plight
We worked to collect a ransom
The money growing quite hansom
Now our king if safely home
We’ll have to live all alone
So cheer up Robin’s merry men

Until we are needed once again

Do you like poetry? If so what type do you write? Would you like me to post more of my poetry? 



  1. I love your poetry! I write quite a bit of poetry. I always used to write ONLY rhyming poetry, I made a big deal out of it rhyming. But I read a fictional book that changed my thinking and I decided to try writing poems that DIDN'T rhyme. It is so freeing! I love it. You can express your thoughts in short, intricate phrases and not have to worry about making it rhyme. Of course, I still love rhyming poems, and I would love to see more of your wonderful work. =D

    1. Thank you Jessica! I tried non rhyming poetry but I didn't enjoy it near as much as the challenge of rhyming. :) I'd love to read some of your sometime. :)


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