Monday, June 8, 2015

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #48

Well, its been Summer in Texas for over a month now, but it’s beginning to feel a lot more like summer now that people are getting off school, the pools about to be opened up for the summer, and it's reaching 100. 

This summer, I’ve decided I don’t just want to survive the heat, or spend all day being lazy. I want to get a lot of different things done over the next few months. So, since I don’t actually get off the summer from school, I’ll just be doing this challenge June 8 - August 31.

These are the things I want to get done, in category’s. 




Just Your Ordinary Messenger 
(Sequel to Just Your Ordinary Girl)

Via Pintrest.
Mandy is confused. She can't seem to make sense of all the information that she knows. Caught with an amnesia like sickness, Mandy struggles to remember what she saw before she was infected, or lives could be lost.

Grace for a Beast 
(A Beauty and the Beast retelling)

Please understand, I do not own the top photo. This is simply a for fun cover. 

Gracie Nolan is a figure skater restless to get outside of her small town for awhile. When an opportunity presents itself for her to go to a skating tournament out of state, Gracie jumps for it. But when she is called upon to make a long term sacrifice for one of her friends, Gracie is hard pressed for a decision. 

I'm participating in July! =D

Are We There Yet?
(Third Kelly and Travis book)

Photo via Pintrest

When Kelly and Travis are detained from leaving on their honeymoon, they have to find another way to get to there destination. In classic Kelly and Travis style though, no situation is without some humor in it.

Secret project 

This is a project that I am going to keep a secret. Sorry if I'm peaking your curiosity, but I wanted to actually list all the story's I want to write this summer. 


1. Host a giveaway. Yes, I hope to have a giveaway on this blog sometime in the next three months. I don't know when exactly but I'm planing it! 

2. Write better Wednesday posts. I feel like I haven't been putting enough into those, so I hope to write better, more helpful posts. 


This section might be a bit scary for all those who know me because ya'll know how klutzy I am. So take a deep breath while I say the next thing. 

I'm taking up jogging. I would call it running, but I don't think I can honor it with that name. I jog. ;D Now, I'm hoping that this will not just be an over the summer, I'm hoping to keep this up for a very long time. =) 


I hope to take photos every day, along with draw every day to hopefully improve my skills. =) 


Well, there you go, a ton of goals I honestly hope to keep. I will do another post at the end of this challenge to tell you how it went. 

Do you have any summer challenges?



  1. This looks awesome!! This was a great post! Looks like you've got enough to keep you busy through the entire summer! Keep it up!

    Um, do I have a summer challenge... moving? ;)

    1. Thanks! =D That's what I'm hoping for, keeping busy. =D

      I would say thats a pretty big summer challenge. ;D

  2. Fun post, Mikayla! :D You'll be keeping busy for sure... ;) All three Arcrea novels! Haaha! It went from #1 to #1, #2, and #3, I see... ;) How was Dear Mr. Knightley? It must be good if you're reading it again! :D Do you think I'd like it? Oh, a giveaway - how fun! I think it'd be fun to host one, and the first year anniversary of my blog is coming up, so perhaps... ;) We'll see! I make no promises! ;) Hehe...


    1. I sure hope to! =D Well, I decided if I was going to read the first one, I really should read the rest of them. ;D Dear Mr. Knightley was awesome. I re-read books a ton. =) I don't know. It is really good, but I'll tell you honestly I am horrible at telling weather people would like books or not. =/ Yep, hopefully that will be coming up soon! =D



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