Monday, June 29, 2015

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #51

In which I give you an update on my challenges. 

Hello everyone! I am here to give you an update on my summer challenge. For the first month out of three, I think I'm doing pretty good, but I am beginning to regret my writing challenges just a tad because there are a lot and I've only got one done. But, I have a plan to get them all done. =D 

I'm going to go in category just like my first summer post here and give you individual updates. Throughout this post is one of my challenges, a photo challenge I found on Pintrest. The challenge was to take one photo a day in the category they gave so the caption to each one is the category. Enjoy!

A photo of myself.
A photo of what I wore that day.
A photo from a high angle.
A photo of my favorite place to be.

I made great progress this month with reading. One of my problems in the first part of this year was that I got so caught up with school, and writing and stuff, I didn't read as much as I wanted so now I'm back on track and am making it out of June with a grand total of eleven books read. There would have been twelve, but I was reading it on my sisters kindle, and the kindle brook so I'm having to wait until I can get it on another device to keep reading it. 

Below are the books I read:

A photo of whatever I pleased.
A photo from a low angle.
A silueet. Yeah, I know, I didn't do so great. =P
A close up.
A photo from a distance.

I have not done as well in this area, I only finished one story and no plotting in other storys, but I was well sadufyed with my result. 

I finished "Are We There Yet"! =D

Photo Via Pintrest

When Kelly and Travis are detained from leaving on their honeymoon, they have to find another way to get to there destination. In classic Kelly and Travis style though, no situation is without some humor in it.

A photo of whatever I pleased.
A photo in black and white.
A bokeh photo.
A photo edit you like.
(P.S. I don't really like much of any photo edits, so this was the closest I could come. =P)

A photo focusing on the eyes.

I hosted a giveaway!! =D That was my big goal and it is now done. I was super excited at the turnout for my giveaway and I hope to have another in the future! =D 

I've only done one writing post, so I don't know if I'm doing much better at them, but I'm trying. =) 

A photo of whatever I pleases,

A photo of light trails.
A street light.
A photo depicting an emotion. Seriously. ;D
A photo of a landscape.


I have been jogging consistently all month. I think I missed two days, but that was because we left for town only a little bit after I got up so I didn't have time. =P But I think, considering my previous attempts, that I'm doing pretty good at this. =D

A photo of whatever I pleased.
A photo of the sunset.
A photo of someone you love. <3
A photo that reminds you of your childhood.
A photo with a color sceam.

As evidence by all the photos in the posts, I'm doing really well on the photogerphy challenge. Not so well on the drawing. But, I intend to fix that by right after I'm done here going and drawing. =) 

A photo of whatever you please.

A photo with the sun as your lighting.

A photo experimenting with shadows.

A photo incorporating motion.
A photo of clouds.
A photo of whatever I pleased.

A photo of the side of the bookcase, where I keep bages of my completed challenges. =D

This is a reading challenge I was doing with a freind. It was suposed to last all year, but I went a little fast. 

At the end of next month I'll give you another update. Thanks for reading! =D


  1. Thanks for the update, Mikayla! I enjoyed it! :) And I'm almost done with the reading challenge too! :D

    1. It was my pleasure! =D Thats so awesome that your almost done to! =D
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. You are so stinking adorable!! I LOOVE all of your pictures! =D Great job, lovely post, I love you. <3

    1. Aww, thank you! =D Your awesome to!!


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