Friday, April 3, 2015

Food For Thought #10

What are we putting into our brains?

Recently I’ve really been soul searching and praying about what I’ve been putting into my brain. I’m a person who can watch a not so great movie and then shrug off the message, but if I keep watching that same kind of movie, the message starts to creep into my thoughts. 
Now I will honestly admit, I watch a lot of secular movies. Why? Because I enjoy them. No other reason under the sun then they give me enjoyment. Is this wrong? No. But recently I got to thinking; to my personal convictions, it’s alright to watch a secular movie, or read a secular book now and then, but of late secular movies have been pretty much all I’ve been watching. 
You can very easily ask “Why should I not?” when going to watch something that doesn’t glorify God but the real question should be “Why should I?”

As Christians we are set apart by God to do something different then the people around us and while watching a couple movies that are not Christian most likely will never hurt you, it’s not really going to help you either. 

I have watched some secular movies that I felt as a Christian I could see a good message in, so please don’t think I’m saying all of them are bad, I just believe we need to think more before we do put things into our brain. You can always put things in, but you can never take them out.
This same principle applies to all kinds of media, books, music, online, along with movies. 

So, this week I’m challenging myself to ask instead of “why should I not?” asking “Why should I?”



  1. Good point, Mikayla! :)

  2. Absolutely. What a delicate balance between being part of the culture and being set apart. My personal take is that we should be in the culture, to an extent, to be a light to those around us. If we ONLY watch Christian movies and listen to Christian music, and act like its innapropriate for our ankles and wrists to show, then how can we be a magnet to those around us and show Christ's love? With that said, it's also very very easy to go the other direction.

    As far as secular media goes, gack. There isn't much "good" Christian music & movies - most of it is pretty tacky and not my favorite. I wish there was better stuff out there. :/ You can never go wrong with some of the old hymns, as far as musical quality goes!

    PS - which part of Texas are you in? I'm going to a photography conference (ClickAway!) in October, and if, which is unlikely considering how HUGE Texas is, you are in San Antonio, I would love to get coffee with you! :)

    1. I agree with you to the extent that yes, we should be in the world but not of it. But the problem is figuring out exactly where 'in but not of' is. If I had a friend who said they thought it was inappropriate to show their ankles I would say 'by all means, never show your ankles' because God has put it on their heart that it isn't right for them to do that. But that doesn't mean I have to. Also, were supposed to stand out and be different, so if I only watched Christain movies and never showed my ankles I can pretty much assure you, I would stand out a bit. And God uses us standing out to spark conversations.

      If you ever want some recommendations of music or movies that at least I think aren't tacky, I could show you a lot.

      Actually, I'm not that far away from San Antonio. I would lot to start emailing you though, so I could get to know you a little better before I said for sure if we could meet up or not. =) You could just message me in the sidebar, I'd love to talk more! =D


    I just nominated you!


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