Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Writing Wednesday #7

How to Write Poetry Easier 

Now, this is super short tutorial because you’ll notice I’m not saying “How to write poetry 101” This is how to write poetry that probably will make sense, a little easier then it has been before.

Pick a Subject 
You need to have a definite subject when you’re writing poetry because anyone can slap together some words together that rhyme or sound nice but the goal of poetry is to get a thought, or idea, across in a rhythmic way. So, pick a subject and stick to it, don’t write a line just because it rhymes with the last one, think about it for a while and find one that really fits. 

This is the hardest part of poetry, actually writing it. I know for me, the hardest part is finding words that rhyme, yet still on topic. And here enters the best site ever invented for writers: Word Hippo. This site has where you can search for synonymous words, opposite, and best of all, rhyming words! I have used this site SO much to help me with poems and it’s amazing. I would defiantly sujest you check it out. =D

Show your poem to someone and have them give you their opinion. Plus, that’s one of the best part of being a writer, sharing it. =) 

And to close this off, I have a poem I wrote a couple days ago. I wasn't going to share it originally but a friend of mine said I should, so here it is. 

Time, why don’t you stand still?
You are ruining every last part of my will. 
I can’t keep moving forward like this, 
Knowing every moment that something is amiss. 
There is always one more task to be done 
And yet another battle to be won. 
Maybe a book or two to write 
Or maybe an army to fight.
I wish you would just stand firm 
And not go on, no matter the terms.
And let me get some work done 
I sure could do quite a ton 
But no, you keep moving forward 
Even though you don’t know what towards. 
Moving to some unknown goal
Never knowing what moments you stole 
And took with you into the deepest past 
Taking them oh, so very fast
Time why can’t you stand still?
You’re going so fast, your making me ill 
I wish you could stop for just one moment 
So I could figure out where you went.
Soon, I’m sure I will just drop, 
Time, oh why don't you just stop?

By the way, to anyone who cares, Camp NaNo is going okay, I'm right on track! ;D



  1. That's an awwesomme poem! :D whoo! I'm at 25,879 words! Only 4,121 to go!!!

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing it. =D Way to go!

  2. I like what you said about don't just write a line because it rhymes. That's certainly a struggle sometimes! Thanks for this tutorial. :)

    Love the poem, by the way. :)

    Love ya, Mikayla! You're awesome!

    1. You are more then welcome! I'm glad it was at least coherent. ;D

      Thanks! =D

      Your more awesome!


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