Monday, April 13, 2015

My Life (In as many posts as it takes) #40

I hope you love random photos and random tags because thats the whole of this post. I got tagged twice this week and I had a lot of fun photos of fun things to show ya'll. =D 

I was tagged for both by Jamie at A Year Of Nature Studies. =D 

This is a curtain me and my sister made out of rolled up strips of paper. =)

Award number one: Liebster Award
(Note to all who are interested: Liebster is German for 'dearest' or 'friend'.)

(All of Jamie's questions are in bold)

Choose 3 or more bloggers!
Ask them 5 or more questions!
Post it on your blog! :)

1: Do you like candy?
Yes, I love candy. Especially Skittles. =D 

2: Have you ever been on a roller coaster?
No, I have never been on a roller coaster. My family was never much into amusement parks.

3: If you have done #2 then was it scary?

4: Have you ever been to Disney world?
Nope, I like some Disneys but I'm really not a 'fan' of Disney. 

5: Do you like chocolate?
Yes, my favorite is plan milk choclate. =) 

Yes, you may all judge me for taking apart of the selfie craze but some friends of mine gave me this awesome hat and I only had a few minutes before we left to take a photo so I took it myself. =) 
Rope. =) 

6: What blog do you check the most often?
Hum, thats really hard because I cheack a lot of blogs almost every day but probably Defying Depravity or (Almost) Purfectly Pink

7: What is your blog main purpose?
Good question! Honestly, I opened this blog with a lot of different purposes but now I'm really trying to focus on encuraging people in their faith, everyday life and writing! Also all my lovely followers have made blogging more awesome then I could have imagined. 

Yes, Toothless  fell asleep on my pearl bracelet. Does anyone else see Lucifer from Cinderella? 

Me, Luke and Tothless. =D

8: Do you like movies or books better?
BOOKS!!!!!!! I really like TV when I'm sick or when I'm just so upset about something I want to zone out for awhile but for the most part I only watch about two movies a week. But I read anytime I get the chance. =D

Luke gives you his paw when your petting him to say thank you. He looks pretty happy in this photo. =) 

Blog away number two: The good friend blog award. 

1: Do you like spaghetti? 
Spaghetti is my favorite meal!! =D I make it any time I'm given the chance. =) 

2:Do you have pets?
Yes, I just showed a picture of my dog, Luke and my cat, Toothless. They are the hole houses pets but I feed them and make sure they get bath, and they really love me best so everyone refers to them as mine. ;D

My aunt gave me this 1923 Underwood typewriter for Christmas. I am still rather in a happy zone about it. Granted, the inks dry so I can't use it but other then that, its in great condition. =D

3: Do you or have you ever had braces?
Nope, never had braces, glasses, horrible acne or anything that really seems to define the teenage years other then a large growth spurt. ;D

4: What is your blog about? 
Writing, my life, and a lot of other random things. ;D

5: Do you like bubble gum or something with chocolate better?
BUBBLE GUM!!! Which you would probably guess by my blog title. I love gum. ;D
Toothless being a goofball. He actually slept in this position for about fifteen minutes. XD

Yes, Luke is cuddling our cat. They do it quite often and its adorable. =D

My awesome friend Lauren gave me this in July I think and I just last month got around to actually doing it. Pathetic, I know. ;P

6: How many stars would you give my blog? 
(you wont hurt my feelings! I like people who tell the truth better) :) 
I would rate A Year Of Nature Studies three and a half out of five stars. =) You've still some things you could work on but overall, you've got a great start. =D

7: Do you like tags or prefer people STOP nominating you???
(remember #6) ;) 
I love every single tag I get. I have a  love of answering questions about myself/my blog so tags always give me an opportunity to have fun! =D 

From left to right, Grace, Rebekkah and I. We went to play Tennes and were having a lot of fun. =D

Okay yes, this was a HUGE mistake. Rebekkah and I were trying to put together a tree for easter but we did it wrong and it turned out like stacked pancakes. I literally fell on the couch I was laughing so hard. ;D

I know this is the lazy pursons way of doing it but I'm in a rush to get to writing for Camp NaNo so whoever wants to do this tag is welcome to! 

Thank you all for reading and thank you Jamie for the tags! =D 


  1. Lucifer from Cinderella!!! haha!!!!

    Aww, I'm so happy! You check my blog! *happy dance* ;D

    That curtain is sooo cool!!!! How long again did it take you to make that?

    (P.S. Roller coasters are awesome. Just not the ones that go upside down. ;P)

    1. Yeah, our cat is funny sometimes. ;D

      Of course I check your blog, its the most awesome blog out there, run by the most awesome person know! =D

      Thanks! =D It took us over a month of long evenings in front of movies, rolling beads like crazy and then stringing them. It was really tedious but I love the result. =D Plus side was we got to watch through a lot of Roy Rogers. ;D

      Haha, well since I get sick in car rides I don't think roller coasters would be a good idea for me. ;D


  2. Thanks for the answers!

    What things exactly do i need to work on on my blog...?

    I am wondering so i can make my blog better!!! :)


    1. You might consider trying to go down on the amount of tabs you have, and make sure the photos in all your posts are a better size because some of them stick out into the sidebar and makes it look bad.

      Keep up the good work on your posts!

  3. oh. my. goodness. That curtain is so EPIC! I make paper beads...that's gonna be going on my list of things to make! That is seriously so neat! :D Is it really long?

    1. Thanks Sarah! Even though it took awhile, it was really fun to make. =D Get a TON of magazens if you want to do this. It takes a lot. ;P Each string is six feet long. =)

    2. oh whoaaa, that must have taken a LONG TIME! lol! It's really cute though. :D

    3. It took us about a month to make it but it was totaly worth it. =D Thanks!

  4. Oh, your selfie turned out really nice, Mikayla! :D My dog cuddles some too, but then she gets up and wants to be alone. XD She also will NOT sleep with you at night...only for a little bit, and then she wants to go sleep in her own bed. :P :D Haha...


    1. Thanks! I really liked the way it turned out as well. =D Haha, Luke never wants to be alone. He would sit with me 100% of the time if he had his choice. ;D

  5. Haha! I laughed all the way through this post. I love the tree at the end! Haha!!! XD And the picture of the 3 Musketeers ducking from the tennis balls! =D You are so adorable. <3

    1. Haha, I'm glad it made you laugh!! =D Thanks, we were having fun. XD
      Love ya!!


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