Monday, April 6, 2015

My life (In as many posts as it takes) #39

Ahh Aprail brings back found memory's. It was two years ago this month that I decided I was going to write in my journal every night so that someday I could look back and see how far I had come. I had had some journals in the past but none of them had been kept up very long. What made me decide to start a constant journal all the sudden? We were about to go to Washionton D.C. on a family trip and I knew I wasn't going to go back for the near future so I wanted to be able to read through and re-live the trip. =D
So, for the past two years I have written at least one page in my journal every night and have not missed a day yet.
I’ve changed in my style from basically a time log to a lot more of my feelings, conversations, along with just the basic happening of the day.

Below is my very first journal with what my handwriting looked like back in 2007 when I first wrote in it.

Below this is a photo of my jurnal now and what my handwriting looks like now.

Do any of ya’ll keep journals? 


  1. I just nominated you!

  2. That's... really impressive. You have no idea how I've longed to be able to keep a journal up, but every time I try to start one, I fail. :p
    Lately I've once in awhile written up an entry in OneNote. I don't like that I can't see my handwritten OR have a super cute notebook, but it definitely helps for the fact of time, since I can type super fast. xP
    But who knows. This inspired me, so I might start up again soon. xD

    1. If your really having a hard time remembering to write in it, I would try working it into your nightly routine. Like I always write in my right before I get dressed for bed because then I have a set time I know when to do it. =D
      Yeah, I probably would do better typing because I can write more quicker but since I don't have my own computer I just do it by hand. =D
      Well, I hope you do, its awesome! =D

    2. So for the last few days I've been trying to write before bed. I write slow, and my hand cramps easily, but I write some, at least. xD
      Except yesterday someone asked me for a Word War so I put my journal aside and then got COMPLETELY distracted. *shrugs*
      Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up. :P

    3. That's okay, any writing is good! =D
      Haha, its okay to get disracted as long as you had fun. =D

  3. I always wanted to keep a journal but never have time to write in it or know what to write in it. Do you have any advice for making a schedule for journaling and tips on not being critical with your writing content?

    Chiara xo

    1. You know what I do is every night, right before I'm going to get dressed for bed I write one page in my journal. That helps me write in it because if I thought I was going to write five pages every night I would get overwhelmed and never do it so I give myself a goal of one page and try to stick with that. Generally I write about what I did in the day, some of the people I talked to and if I'm having any really big emotional struggles I'll write them down so hopefully I can help myself work through them. Sometimes I'll write about what I hope to accomplish in the next year.
      Not being critical with your writing is one of those things you have to prepetually work on. I know sometimes i'm writing and going "Wow, this is really dumb" but then just writing it anyway and try not to let it bother you. I would say just keep writing and basicly ignor if it bothers you, it probably needs to be said even if its just to a peice of paper.
      I hope that helps!


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