Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Writing Wednesday #5

A project finished

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I'm pretty sure most of you have heard the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words". Well, I proved that one twenty times over. For the past year, I have been working on writing a book called "Just Your Ordinary Girl" you may remember my previous posts on it. 

One night I was really sick of editing so I searched around on Pintrest, looking for inspiration and decided to randomly pick a photo and write a little bit off of it. I chose the above picture and ending up writing for about three hours to David Archuleta's "Something Bout Love", it happened to be the first time I ever wrote to music with words.  

I wrote about a girl who I hoped people could relate to, a girl who was ordinary, who maybe did some extraodinary things, but was still an ordinary girl. After re-writing the first chapter and adding in a few characters I never would have thought would make their way into this book, I wrote. I wrote on and off on this story until 10:37, March 27 2015 and finished with a novella of 20.016 words. 

This picture was worth 20.016 words to me.

Mandy has changed a bit since I started, shes grown more mature, gotten some backstory I never guessed, and also gained two more books. 

This project has taken me awhile so it was a huge victory to finally write those glorious words "The End". 

Heres a little clip  from the book: 

“Is this the girl?” A deep voice said and I jerked a bit, it was the mugger from the night before, Jason!
“Why would I bring her here if she wasn’t?” My captor replied 
“Bring her along, Matt has been waiting.” Jason’s rich voice echoed through the empty sounded room. 
I was pulled along for what seemed like a long time, my heart pounding the whole way, the same question repeating itself over and over in my mind: What did they want with me?
“Ahh, here we are. How are you doing my friend?” Jason’s voice dripped with sarcasm.
“About as well as can be expected in this prison cell.” 
“Come, come Matt, this is my best room.” 
I heard a halfhearted laugh from Matt.
“Don’t be so defiant Matt, see, I've brought you an old associate of yours.” Jason voice sounded of fake sympathy “Take off the blindfold Ryan.” 
Ryan jerked the blindfold up, causing me to squint into the brightness of the room, lite by a large, high window. The room was small, only about fifteen feet long but half of the room was taken up with large, floor to ceiling bars. I was shoved forward and I lost my footing, falling to the ground right in front of the cell.
I pushed myself up and found myself looking up into the deep, greenish blue eyes of the man I had saved the night before. A glimmer of recognition lite in his eyes as I looked up at him and for a fleeting moment I wished I had never met him. 
“How’d you find her?” Matt said, with a look of disbelief. 

Is there anything ya'll would like to know about this project? 

 P.S. Oh, and while were on the subject I just wanted to let ya'll know, I'm doing Camp NaNo starting today and I'm writing a 10.000 word short story. If you'd like to join me, or just message me on the site you can view my profile, here.


  1. Your novella sounds great! Are you going to be self-publishing, or do you have other plans?

    1. Thanks! Yes, I plan on self-publishing. My older sister is self-published so she'll be able to help me through any glitches. =D


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