Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Writing Wednesday #28


Well, Camp is almost over. I'm really not sure how it managed to fly by as quickly as it did. I have just barely managed to keep up with my goal of never being behind on my goal. Since I don't write on Sunday Saturday nights have been really packed with writing.
On the twenty third I reached my goal of 15,000 and every day since I've been writing like crazy trying to reach the 20,000 I need to finish the book I'm writing. =)
This book has been very unlike any book I have ever written before. This on has both a lot of action, and a family story, which I have never done before.
Mandy, my main character is caught between a family crisis and a work crisis. She has to put time and effort into both. I didn't intend to write such a pull between two aspects of life, but I realized as I wrote it that it was something a lot of us struggle with.

Here's a small clip from the book. I hope you enjoy it!

I walked up the drive and shifted my duffle bag on my shoulder. I hardly felt prepared for seeing my dad again, or my sister, Aubrey, for that matter. I had been away from them so long it seemed like meeting people for the first time and just knowing  their backstory. Aubrey had talked to me as little as possible, and my dad had been too busy to talk much. I hoped that even though the reason for our meeting was rather sad, that this would bring us all back together as a family.

What did you think? Please comment below and tell me!
Have you written any books with an pulls from two different aspects of life?


  1. Congratulations on keeping up with Camp NaNo, Mikayla! I hope you continue getting in your word count goal! Keep up the great work! :) And nice snippet! (That's sad for Mandy, that her family didn't really pay attention to her...)

    Hmm, I don't think I've written something like that before! It's definitely a part of life sometimes, though. :P

    Hugs, Micaiah

    1. Thanks! =D Today is supposed to be my last day, so I've just got a push of 2,600 words and I should be done! =D We'll see how that goes. ;D

      Thanks! Yeah, I'm a little sad about Mandy's family to, but believe me, it serves a good purpose. ;)



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